Oh hello. My name is Laurens, I got it for my first birthday in 1991. I’m a graphic designer and maker of things.

Pseudoscience, awkward humor, trivial nonsense, bad word-jokes and pretty ugly things cover my main fields of interest, preferably applied through the crafts of printmaking and bookbinding. I am always urged to expand my practical skillset, along with an intellectual extension in order for me to know whether I apply or consciously break the traditions of visual expression.

I heard of the phrase less is more, but personally think less is less and more is more, both with their own significant value. Sometimes I completely strip topics down to the minimal essence of what they are, opposed to other times when I aim to overstimulate the spectator’s senses.

Besides this I have experience working in a contemporary art gallery and walking dogs. I play rugby and collect flowerpots. Cheers.

“Whenever in doubt, add airhorns.”
— Laurens Borsboom

instagram @laubors